The Scroll of Revelation Ch. 5

Section from Appendix 5 of Ray Sutton’s book, That You May Prosper. C. Ethics (Rev. 5:6-14) The third section of the covenant usually contains stipulations that consecrate and become the program for dominion. Through these laws, ethical boundaries are established that separate the clean from the unclean. John turns his attention to the “book.” TheContinue reading “The Scroll of Revelation Ch. 5”

The Simplicity of God

by Wilhelmus à Brakel As we can neither comprehend the eternity of God because we are creatures of time, nor the non-dimensional infinity and omnipresence of God because we are finite and local in nature, so we also, being composite creatures, are not able to comprehend the simplicity of God. Since we must recognize, however,Continue reading “The Simplicity of God”

Debates on Recognizing Types in the Old Testament (excerpt)

Some dispute that typology should be referred to as an exegetical method since exegesis is concerned with deriving a human author’s original intention and meaning from a text. But this question is also bound up with the prior question of whether typology is looking forward from the OT vantage point itself. If typology is classifiedContinue reading “Debates on Recognizing Types in the Old Testament (excerpt)”

What is Black Lives Matter & What is Their Objective?

Black Lives Matter Is Founded on Bearing False Witness The Black Lives Matter organization was established in 2013 by three “trained radical Black organizers who have long been a part of the larger Black liberation movement”—Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi—in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the “white” man (in reality, heContinue reading “What is Black Lives Matter & What is Their Objective?”

Appearance is not Reality

The Prospect The last point of Haggai’s sermon brings us to the title of the chapter: appearance is not reality. Haggai set before the people the prospect of great things to come. They had assumed the best was behind them; Haggai declared the best was yet to be. It appeared that the architecture and accoutrementsContinue reading “Appearance is not Reality”

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